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"Lean Forward Always...Always Lean Forward!"

Establishes and maintains contacts
Contacts, interviews, and advises civilian personnel to obtain qualified applicants for enlistment into the Army. Contacts representatives of schools, public officials, personnel managers, parents of prospective applicants, religious and civil leaders, and others to present the Army as an employment and career opportunity. Presents formal and informal talks on advantages of the Army at civic and service organizations and student bodies.
Distributes and displays recruiting publicity material. Establishes liaison with local radio, television, and newspaper agencies. Writes, edits, or presents recruiting material for use by local communications agencies. Lends and exhibits motion pictures for civic, fraternal, and service organizations and educational institutions.

Conducts interviews
Interviews and counsels prospective applicants. Discusses individual aims and goals to include security, personal aptitudes, training opportunities, job satisfaction and stability, advancement, prestige, and military life. Explains Army benefits including: medical care, dependent allowance, housing, reenlistment bonus, retirement program, military/civilian educational opportunities, travel, recreational benefits, and all similar programs. Evaluates applicants' occupational, educational, and psychological background to determine Army programs with specific individual appeal. Explains occupational and organizational structure of the Army to applicants, parents, and interested groups of individuals.

Evaluates applicants
Administers and scores screening physical examination, and screening of applicants and counsels with regard to reasonable occupational aspirations within the Army. Counsels disqualified applicants.



Develops, organizes, implements and monitors the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Plan and employee development plans for the City; performs directly related work as required.
The principal function of an employee in this class is to develop programs and procedures to support diversity, equal opportunity, affirmative action and employee development throughout City government and investigates complaints of discrimination. The work is performed under the direct supervision of the Human Resources Director but extensive leeway is granted for the exercise of independent judgement and initiative. The nature of the work performed requires that an employee in this class establish and maintain effective working relationships with other City employees, Federal funding agencies, civil rights enforcement offices and protected-class organizations. The principal duties of this class are performed in a general office environment.

• Designs, plans, organizes and coordinates activities to achieve the objectives of equal opportunity and affirmative action;
• Designs, plans, organizes and delivers employee development programs;
• Investigates and recommends solutions to internal complaints of discrimination;
• Coordinates 504-ADA efforts to comply with ADA requirements;

• Prepares annual and semi-annual progress reports, annual affirmative action work plan and quarterly utilization analysis;

• Designs and recommends plans to expand recruitment efforts to increase the number of protected-class applicants for under-utilized positions;
• Reviews employment and promotion standards and methods to identify possible disparate effects;
• Monitors the equal opportunity appointment policy;
• Develops and conducts training programs;
• Provides technical assistance and support to the Equal Opportunity Committee.
• Serves as liaison with Federal and State agencies and protected-class organizations;
• Serves as City employee assistance counseling coordinator;

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